Instruments for a New Electric Music


Who is Infanem?

Infanem is the work of Dana Schurer to apply engineering knowledge to the creation of new musical devices for new sounds. All design and building is done in-house by Dana. Founded in 2010 in Portland, OR, Infanem is now located in Maple Shade, NJ.


I want a ______ but with an extra knob/footswitch/CV jack. Can you do that?

Most Infanem designs take up most or all of the space inside the enclosure, leaving little room for changes. As a result, custom control schemes are usually not possible.


My pedal's acting up. Do you do repairs?

Repairs are offered for the cost of shipping ($8-12 US, $30-60 international ) on all pedals unless there is very clear evidence of damage by abuse (improper power supply voltage/polarity and DIY modding). In cases of abused pedals, the customer will also be charged for the cost of damaged parts and a $20/hr bench fee. Contact for all issues. Very often, a bit of troubleshooting will get everything working without even sending the pedal in.


Do you offer returns?

At the moment, Infanem cannot offer returns on pedals purchased direct. Troubleshooting and repairs are offered free of charge, though, as explained above.

If you feel before purchasing that you may change your mind later, I'd recommend buying from one of our dealers that offer an extensive return policy.


Why should I buy direct?

Direct orders allow a greater percentage of your purchase price to go to Infanem, leading to faster development of new products. And who doesn't want disc echos and aluminum neck, movable fret instruments to come sooner?


Do you do custom designs?

If the idea tickles me, I just might go for it. Unless it's very simple, though, expect to pay $3-500 (or more).


I'm in a band/big on youtube. Can I have free pedals?

Sorry, but not now. Try back in a year or three.


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