Instruments for a New Electric Music

Compact Faye Sing

The Compact Faye Sing has been redesigned and is now the Compact Faye Sing B

The Compact Faye Sing is a high fidelity modern phaser that traces its roots to the classic Musitronics/Schulte-style optical phase platform. The circuit has been engineered by INFANEM for extended range and headroom, little to no noise, and a long, reliable life. A CV/Exp jack has also been integrated for control of modulation speed, synching to an external LFO, or manual sweeps using either CV or a passive expression pedal.


Modulation switch-

  • . . Represents the fast modulation speed range, from approximately ten cycles per second to one cycle every six (6) seconds.
  • .        . Represents the slow modulation speed range, from one cycle per second to one cycle every sixty (60) seconds.
  • MANUAL Disables the modulation oscillator and allows either fixed phase sounds controlled by the RATE knob or manual sweeps via the CV/Exp jack for distinctive phase-wah sounds.

Stage selector switch-

  • μ 6 stages of modulation
  • + 8 stages of modulation

RATE- Controls either the speed of modulation or manual phase sweeps in MANUAL mode. The RATE knob is deactivated when a cable is plugged into the CV/EXP jack.

RANGE- Controls the depth of modulation. Counterclockwise to 12 o'clock is the standard range that most phasers operate in. Beyond that, lower frequencies enter the sweep range and allow things to get more throbbing and guttural.

RESONANCE- Adds feedback to the circuit, increasing intensity and creating more distinct filter peaks.

BALANCE- Controls the amount of clean signal blended in with the phase shifted signal. More conventional whooshing phase sounds can be had in the middle third of the travel. The counterclockwise third acts like a clean blend, enabling more clarity and less phasing. The clockwise third blends from phase tones to vibrato tones. Hard clockwise with max RANGE creates a deep, detuned vibrato.


  • All top-mounted jacks. Right to left: Input (YOU), output (AMP), power, and CV/EXP.
  • Standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9VDC input, negative tip. Current draw is approximately 200mA.
  • CV/Exp jack accepts either 0-5V CV signal or passive expression pedal. When using CV, a TRS (stereo) cable is best to prevent unnecessary current draw.


Tech details:

  • Relay-based soft touch true bypass switching.
  • Internal trimpot allows volume adjustment for unity gain with any gear setup.
  • 1590BB Hammond enclosure (4.7 x3.7 in) in either polished aluminum with black graphics or black textured with graphics in Portland sky blue. All screen printing, machining, and assembly done in-house in Portland, OR.
  • Internal voltage conversion provides components with isolated bipolar +-12V while using standard 9VDC power. This increases headroom and keeps the circuit dead silent in nearly every setting.
  • Double sided, through-hole plated PCBs produced in Mulino, OR and assembled in-house using RV24 Alpha full-size potentiometers, JFET input op amps, metal film resistors, and other quality components.